2016 Spring Gala: Preliminary Casting (subject to change) (pdf)

Saturday, May 7
2:00-3:00 Groups B, C, D
2:30-4:00 Flynn, Hagel, Shultz
3:00-4:00 Groups A, E, F
4:00-5:30 Character I, II, III, IV
6:00-7:30 Advanced Variations

Sunday, May 8
11:00- Men
11:30- Demi-soloists
12:00-1:30 Advanced Ballet
1:30-3:30 Groups B, C, D, and all principals
3:30-4:30 Character I, II, III, IV
4:30-6:30 Groups A, E, F, and all principals

Petrov Ballet School
134 Hopper Avenue
Waldwick, NJ

Instagram: @petrovballet